Living in a World of

Living in a World of

Blackbirch Pess | 2001 | 7 and up

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Living in a World of

A 4-book series about animal camouflage. No matter how an animal uses its special appearance or abilities, each creature has adapted its behavior to perfectly suit the world in which it lives. The Living in a World of series offers a unique view of how animals are shaped by their habitats and how they have adapted to survive within them. Blue explores the animals of the world's oceans and seas, Green looks at forest and jungles, White discovers animals of the Arctic and Antarctic, and Brown studies deserts, woods, and grasslands. 

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School Library Journal: "The writing is clear, with short sentences and age-appropriate vocabulary. The author and designer know what young readers like--from the caterpillar munching on the word "green" on the cover to the fact that "A sloth only climbs down from its tree once a week to poop." the crowded field of titles about animal camouflage, these new entries are useful because of their clever organization and their attractive, readable format."

Yale Elementary Library Specialist: "Highly Recommended. This is an excellent resource for reluctant readers or for students just beginning to do research....visually appealing with great colorful photographs..."

Tri State Young Adult Book Review Committee: "Recommended for middle school students. The colored pictures convey a great deal of information on the various animals and how they camouflage to survive."

Library Talk: "Students will enjoy discovering interesting facts while learning about different animal's habitats."