Marshall Cavendish/Benchmark Books | 2001/2002 | 9 and up

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Do you ever wonder what you are really seeing when you look at pictures transmitted from space? Do you marvel at today's discoveries? Can you imagine how we ever got this far? Blastoff! sets out to satisfy the curiosity of the budding astronomer in us all. Each volume begins with a fascinating history of the planet's discovery by groundbreaking scientists who worked without the advantages of today's technology. Readers then reap the benefits of that same technology by blasting off to explore in accessible detail each planet's surface, atmosphere and satellites. A discussion of future possibilities concludes each volume, suggesting that, while much has been discovered, there are plenty of mysteries yet to be unraveled.


Book Report: "...appealing, comprehensive series gives each planet's specifications by using information gleaned from successful--and unsuccessful--space missions and long-time study. Students will find these books useful...Teachers will like the comparison between the planets in the solar system and the comprehensive data. Past lore about each planet and thoughts from early astronomers add an enjoyable perspective....A welcome addition to any library, these books are terrific companions to Seymour Simon's books in the same genre for better readers looking for in-depth information." 

Booklist: "...Stone clearly explains what is known about the planet today. Illustrated with digital images, photographs, and paintings, many in full color, the books look attractive....The closing pages of each book carry a glossary, a bibliography of suggested readings and of sources, and lists of relevant Web sites. 

Children's Literature: "(about Mars) This all-encompassing book reveals information about the discovery of and tracking of Mars by astronomers from the 1500s to the 1800s. The text is enhanced by more up-to-date facts about exploration during the 1900s, with emphasis on various satellite missions, which retrieved data about Mars. The environment and terrain are discussed and future missions are spelled out....Realistic drawings and outstanding photographs add to the appeal of the book...a complete read."